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Capricorn man Cancer woman compatibility works very well in this traditional sense. Hoping we can cwncer started and finish together now. I know I have after several heart breaks of my own.

Oh Lord, this Cancer woman and capricorn man dating man is something else. Cap guy I am dating is explosive.

Hence, we both are so different from each other. I try very hard to mirror his actions but it’s only cancer woman and capricorn man dating I do not want to look desperate and besides I shouldnt be chasing a man in the first place. I usaully personal description on dating sites go for zodiac signs. In return, he’ll help her be more down-to-earth and rational.

He was sweet and caring, family oriented person, but he lied that he was single, giving false promises. I appreciate everyone elses comments.

Needless to say I was confused and haven’t really spoken to him over the past year.

The Capricorn man is the perfect combination of the Sponge that takes in her radioisotope used in geological dating and excessive emotions yet the modest man who never is disloyal to her with either his deeds or thoughts.

Outside of horoscopes, I think it’s gonna require a lot of work to make this work. Get to know you or your relationship on a deeper level! Cancer woman and capricorn man dating glad I found this web site to help me reassure myself and to persue this relationship!

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It’s going to be hard but it will save you the heartache later on. As a cancer, a woman in general, a woman who has been hurt MY WALLS ARE UP!

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I am currently in a relationship with a Capricorn man…. Encourage his dreams and be ambitious in your career and goals in life as well and I promise you that this is a relationship that only gets better with time.

I can agree with this article, in that, I always nag him about how he doesn’t express his feelings like I do and now I see why. For example, he may need to live in the city near the centre of power, while she may crave a peaceful life in the country. Let the things settle down on their own and give him his space and time.

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I’m hurt because I want to marry him and carry his child and just give him a good life but I don’t see how this can work when he lied about doing something with someone who supposedly hurt him. No mention of the fact that during his sabbatical he had stood me up for a new years date! I started dating a Capricorn male back in February.

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He will offer her everything she desires in order to be happy and satisfied. I love my cappy stallion, he is a big ole teddy bear when no one else is around. He is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.

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She is one of a kind independent woman who is capable to do almost everything and hates to be dominated but being dominated in a love relationship with him usually never hurts her, if he proves himself to be a good provider. Im trying to figure out how to balance being there for him as a friend but not getting hurt because Im open to more with him. If the Cancer woman ended the relationship through deceitful behavior, the cardinal earth Capricorn man wont react much better despite his cool exterior, Capricorns emotions are strong. I am completely and utterly in love with our story.

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We talk about anything and everything and we are so completely comfortable with each other. I love my boyfriend and I’m going to marry him. This sign does not quickly forgive either, keeping a ledger of accounts owed and balances due for many years. I have been in love with a Capricorn man and i can say i have met my dream guy.

We started a relationship but at the time I was in another relationship with a leo. If these two are on their best behavior, the water goddess and mountain climber will be a great match.

The atmosphere in this home can become murky and hard to breathe in.

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