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Cs go matchmaking round time

I just enjoy using a calculator. I feel all that could lead to more deperate plays, as in 2vs3/4 retakes, which could mean more exciting gameplay. I dont agree with this opinion so Im going to use negative language to trivialize an issue that many people, including pro players agree should cs go matchmaking round time fixed. For me it comes out of nowhere, which is frustrating being a member of ESL.

For all other ESL leagues free sa online dating tournaments well implement and update our configs and game integration starting Monday, 18th of January 2016 at 11:00 CET.

CS had no competitive settings whatsoever and default round time was like three minutes. Originally posted by Astroman:If the bomb is planted every round at the last possible second it can add another 45 seconds to every round. Thats the same length of time as having cs go matchmaking round time kit takes off, so people are saying its like a free kit, kinda.

Even your comment got 72 upvotes, as an answer to another one.

CS:GO cs go matchmaking round time 55 MINUTES OF SMARTEST PRO PLAYS OF ALL TIME! Can you post a link where we can find the updates ESL CFGs? Its not about the change, its about the way you change it, and about the reasoning behind the change. CS:GO’s game state can be relayed remotely, allowing third parties to integrate their services with the game.

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I mean, yeah, it kind of sucks the flow of the game has changed and rifles are more RNG, but they are that way for everyone. You cant defuse with no kit fast enough, Oh T is CT?

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So why does CS have so many people making posts just complaining that things are changing? One would think cts, would be more inclined to stay at their position if the timer is bigger, so fakes should be less effective, however coupled with the longer rounds it means that holding a push is less likely to succeed. People can argue and circlejerk about the changes as much as they want, in the end, valve is the one thats in control.

Well, leagues should never do their own thing and ignore players to tell them whats best for them. I think CSGO should have 15 second round time (including the freeze time) and 1 second defuse time. Are you aware football fields in professional football dont have fixed dimensions?

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It will allow more progressive play and a more action packed game. GNM, only makes bomb defuse noise if you have kit.

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Fixed a DM spawnpoint in de_dust where the player would get stuck. I feel like the bomb timer could be an incentive to go for the retake more often. Seeing pros save is way too common imo. Be honest about the way you want the game to go, ask people who really know the game in and out about their opinions how they would do it or if the way is good at all, draw conclusions, change things.

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And lets be real, 2 seconds in GO is a long time, considering you can do a lot in 2 seconds. I have been playing CS since 2000 and many years on a higher (up to semipro) level. Both width and length are flexible within certain limits. Well, that fact that those timers were not changed immediately shows that we are not just stupidly following Valve settings.

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For all other ESL leagues and tournaments well implement and update our configs and game integration starting Monday, 18th of January 2016 at 11:00 CET. Terrorists would win all the rounds, so there wont be 90 min of match. I agree, Ive heard an unhealthy amount of people complaining about the change to AK and M4 spray patterns and how that is responsible for their inability to spray. I complained about it when I deathmatched for like 20 minutes right after the patch came out because I didnt have time to play a proper match.

That said, I would still have liked them keeping matchmakimg but maybe they have decisive arguments and data on the matter, the thing is just I cant know if they do, so please at least tell the community Valve.

Unless they are in a party of 5, players will not be able to queue for Competitive Matchmaking if their skill group range is very large. Added several new community sticker capsules, currently available as offers.

Added an option to cs go matchmaking round time servers for misrepresenting players’ inventory and/or rank.

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