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Cyntbia is still having difficulty reconciling the modern fauxcialite with the ex-con behavior of her past. Watch What Happens Live: The guests are Kandi (who is wearing WHAT? You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. Isn’t she a lawyer – Ayden can’t take over the firm? The Bailey Wine Cellar wine shop, cynthia bailey dating chef roble The Bailey Room event space will also be opening this fall.

Cynthia From The Atlanta Housewives Is Dating SOMEONE NEW. A true cornbread-fed Georgia Peach, Porsha was born and raised into a prominent and historic family in Atlanta, as she is the granddaughter of Civil Rights leader and philanthropist, Rev. I swear Kim was going to start making fart jokes – Dating restaurants in manila mean we know she’s never eaten a vegetable before dxting her steady diet of chardonnay and pizza.

I didn’t believe Wendy William’s performance this morning. My first thought when Kenya cynthia bailey dating chef roble get on the flight to Barcelona to film the Real Housewives of Atlanta was, “Who will Marlo fight with if Kenya is not there?

I was schrade walden knife dating a link to Straight From The A today regarding the current situation between Nene Leakes and Kim Biermann. Aside from being a serious career woman, Kenya enjoys writing, traveling, hitting the gym, and never passes up an opportunity to speak her mind. Marlo was brought to San Francisco to stir the pot. Nenes life is turned upside down datnig Gregg cynthia bailey dating chef roble faced with a cancer diagnosis, shifting her focus from touring the world to staying by his side as they experience the ups vynthia downs of the disease together.

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Cynthia is dating Bravo star Chef Roble. The #RHOA beauty and the culinary wiz have fans wondering about their status. Kim without a wig, a cigarette, and a white wine is like Christmas without Santa Claus!

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Questlove is also a huge Soul Train fan and Kandi was on in ’93 with Xscape! From walking in Fashion Week runway shows in New York, Paris and Milan to co-starring in a movie opposite Sandra Bernhardt, she has had an enviable career. She’s like a door-to-door salesman!

Fox and Columbus Short in the onstage remake of Two Can Play That Game. Speaking of gagging, Apollo looks like he is going to puke at the thought of seeing dead people being cut open. She also appeared on the first season of The New Celebrity Apprentice.

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Between opening another OLG restaurant, launching a risqué burlesque show, touring the country with her group Xscape, and debuting her Kandi Koated cosmetics line, Kandi is busy, booked and loving it. Is this a funeral home business or a speed dating circuit?

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NeNe meets up with Marlo, who is wearing some sort of Muppet shirt. Kandi is a Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, entrepreneur and restaurateur who resides in Atlanta with her 16-year-old daughter, Riley, two-year-old son Ace, 23-year-old stepdaughter Kaela and husband, Todd Tucker.

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Phaedra still envisions a family business so hopefully she can convince Apollo! NeNe puts it out there – she and Charles had one drink together and he has never seen her hello kitty and she is so over it – Nene has moved onto a different creepy guy! What is with Marlo’s very voluminous and busy outfits – this latest get up looked straight out of The Jetsons with popcorn stapled on it.

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Wendy Williams Returns To Talk Show, Addresses Rumors & Recently married in an exclusive fairy tale beach wedding, Kenya is thrilled to have found the man of her dreams and excited to build a family with him. Enter email address to receive StraightFromTheA. And moving onto couples who can’t agree on anything – Cynthia and Peter meet with the pastor who married them for some marital counseling.

He had one final message for everyone: Continue on with your regular lives looking at successful peoples lives from the outside baileey speculating whats going on with them. And Mama Joyce tries to get NeNe and Kim to make amends!

Peter finally answers and admits he loves his wife tremendously, but they do have issues with communication. Kim reveals her new diet plan is walking the halls of her enormous robe, leaving Sheree nostalgic for her days as a professional athletes wife. Questlove is afraid of Marlo after cynthia bailey dating chef roble about her stint in jail.

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