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Dating a man with too many female friends

Maybe your friends girlfriends hate seeds dating from 1325 because you are a shitty human being. Its nice to see women squirm when you point out that the only reason they have a problem with their bfs female friends is us because the friends are prettier, dating a man with too many female friends, and overall better women.

Please include your IP address in your email. He said I cant come because it hank online dating his party so he doesnt want to add a plus on without being asked.

Theyre also his co-workers, not just his friends, so it is even more normal and more expected that he would spend time with them. Im mean because in the past my friends have dated immaure little girls like you. Only if you both hold yourselves out publicly to being married.

But there are definitely some questions you should ask yourself if you worry about it constantly and have concerns that your fears about his female friends may be totally misplaced.

Who cares if she hasnt met them? I feel like Im not good enough. Even though I’m totally okay with him having these girls in his life, boundaries are absolutely key in keeping our relationship healthy. Why wouldnt your guys closest lady friend feamle you?

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And if theyre good friends of his, and hes trustworthy and has good judgement, they wont even put him in that situation. She can just do everything cant she.

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I’m actually happy that he has female friends who have stuck by him and probably had influence in the kind of man he became. I think if you were his priority, he’d make that clear. It doesn’t matter who they are, I would do the same thing with anyone.

They could be womanizers and when hes with them, they could be trolling bars and picking up women. Not saying there is anything wrong with it.

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We just got into a fight about this and now hes ignoring me when really I feel I should be ignoring him. I think a lot of people would not be comfortable with this. I think its one thing for a straight guy to have a straight woman as his best friend when hes entering a relationship (someone hes known his whole life, for example, who is like a sister to him, etc.

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That seems extremely strange to me. General discussion topics, requests for stories, polls, etc. Not having other people around changes the mood and leaves room for secrecy and developing feelings.

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If he were a horn dog that didn’t know how to be around females without trying to sleep with them, he wouldn’t have female friends. You should see it as a good sign that so many women have tolerated and even enjoyed his company for several years. So if in this one instance he cant go without her - when can he go without her?

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A man who doesnt make you compete with other women for his attention or affection. He is who he is and he will always have other women sticking to him, he will always be putting them before you and youre only one of many. Cloudflare Ray ID: 4b369e9a9dcb6505 • Your IP: 85.

Don’t let negative people tell you that you are being jealous if you are simply asking foo boyfriend and his friends to respect your relationship. A friendship shouldnt have to come at the expense of a partner.

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