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You have to remember too that there are different NM configurations and NM rifles were sold without data sheets. Lee Enfield - 22 Caliber Forums & Copyright ©2000 - 2019, Dating a springfield m1a Enterprises Ltd.

The heel has the now discontinued 7. Bedded stock (look for grey/black/brown epoxy around the footprint of the receiver), NM sights front and rear. Ive read other factory headspace list of korean dating shows. Im making no claim to ownership.

Lee Emerson (Different) has compiled an outstanding database for M14 dating a springfield m1a M1A owners. M1A parts are now new manufacture. Russ (or other knowledgable M1A people), do the old NM rifles have the hooded rear sight? Ive left it stock in original condition. Anyone know the year of manufacture on this?

Those has since dried up long ago. Im going to consider this particular Customer Service Department response a historical inquiry flier so to speak.

They stated that they have been in production since 1974.

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A quick call to Springfield will tell you how it was shipped but rifles could be sent in for upgrade so the upgrade letter can support a factory produced change. Moderator, could we get this thread made as a sticky? There are other mods and such that are done on match M1As depending on who did the work.

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They will have records on the rifle. The desireable ones are all pre-ban and before 1993 or so when they ran out of USGI parts for most rifles besides Supermatch builds.

If you have a firearm related question, please register and post it on the forums. My M1A, purchased in 1977, ( ser 006xxx) had the NM stamped on the barrel and op rod, BUT it was not a NM. Yours might be late 89 to 1990 from what I see at http://m14forum.

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The desireable ones are all pre-ban and before 1993 or so when they ran out of USGI parts for most rifles besides Supermatch builds. I have no problem having my toys used to help you out.

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Serial number 166719 was built in August, 2004 but I dont remember the exact date. Theres no way to visually confirm if a rifle is a true NM rifle. The only way to know is via background research and having a true collector with the background knowledge (ie: Scott Duff) to see if its remotely close to what a NM rifle should be. A National Match has the action glass-bedded to the stock.

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You personally have to have read the serial number and date off the factory headspace tag or you personally corresponded with the Customer Service Department. I have on all my military C&R types -- http://m1903. Up until May 1986, Springfield Armory, Inc.

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According to an E-mail I received from Springfield Armory in 2002, this Standard M1A (walnut stocked) was made in OCT 1990 (they did not send me the exact date, just month and year). This is a discussion on SA, Inc. I suggest that you bookmark the link for future reference.

My question, does the Lifetime Warranty Apply to me? It is available in both wood stocked and synthetic furniture options with different colours of wood springfielld synthetic stocks.

NM rifles dating a springfield m1a sold to civilians through the DCM program dating lugoj came with documentation (receipts, paperwork, etc). The M14 was developed to take the place of 7 different weapons systems [ citation needed] Enfield M1917 rifle, Thompson submachine gun, Springfield M1903 rifle, M1 rifle, M1 Carbine, M3 Dating a springfield m1a Gun and M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). In the early 80s I have Gene Barrnett (Barnett Barrels) who was an armor for the NG, rebuild it.

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