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Birmingham CNAA with the Crows Foot mark on it and it was made (and marked) between 1952 and 1981. Hudson purchases S Auld Whistles, continuing to manufacture their models especially the Round wnistles type known as Glasgow type police call. Whistles issued to police are marked dating j hudson whistles the forces name dating j hudson whistles most were also marked with the trademark ‘The Metropolitan’.

It works but we have dash cams and radio now so it’s useless. The name Acme was taken from the Greek word acme, meaning a high point, indicating that the whistle was shistles tool for producing a very high decibel level. At the beginning of this period the company faced competition from whistles made of tin, plastic and cast base metal materials made in Germany, Japan, USA and other countries.

Hudson whistles by Stamps and other means, Victorian and Post Victorian stamps and the next would try to deal with whistle manufactured 1870 – 1882. In 1883 tests were carried out in open country with favourable wind conditions, at the Dating j hudson whistles Range, Hunslow Heath.

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Hudsons were not the only manufacturers and three other companies, W Dowler & Sons, A De Courcy & Co and J Barrall between them supplied appreciable numbers to many forces. The factory name was changed to Acme Whistles and makes about ddating million whistles each year.

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While many makers concentrated on limited variety, J Hudson & Co made a wide variety of common whistle types, including bird calls, dog calls, fox calls and musical whistles as well as sound effects, slide whistles and novelty combination whistles. Practically all first issue Met whistles were eventually sent back to Hudsons for repair as an internal component, the diaphragm, was prone to failure. When this was prevented by the Metropolitan Police the stock of calls was purchased, numbered, and officially issued in 1885. This was the end of the golden age of whistle making.

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In 1927 Hudson purchased A De Courcys patent rights, tools and stock. This gave it an ear splitting rattle that could grab attention even a mile away. In 1900 they moved to ‘Graham Street’.

However, when used they proved to be ideal. Under that is an arrow symbol pointed away from the mouthpiece. Mostly the ones not made for the Metropolitan police (Already discussed in Depth in the “Collecting Police whistles and Similar Types ” Book by Martyn Gilchrist and Simon Topman Pub.

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Have a good look at the images as they form part of the description. Founded by Alfred De Courcy, a talented engineer and one-time Hudson foreman, who left in 1888 to start his own business.

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Master studied – worked with a previous one since there were no schools for that it fits well that J . They are headquartered in the Jewellery Quarter district of Birmingham, England.

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The key pulls out nemea first by the wide gap between the facial-ridge bristles and the descending parafrontals – wider than the width of antenna-3 plus the mustardy/yellow frontal area. Fully stamped and made by J Hudson & Co 13 Barr St Birmingham. Today, practically all GSWs can be dated to a few years, broad guidelines are given below. In 1870, aged 22, he started his own business with younger brother James.

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Hudson stamped addresses and other marks on many of its whistles. In fact I bet you have never seen or heard of one like it. I have a 13 Barr St, Please confirm the date of manufacturing year . This page was last updated: Mar-06 15:50.

Airshire, Argyleshire, Airdrie, Aberdeenshire, AccringtonAbingdon. The period was marked with growing competition from Far East manufacturers. Hudsons quickly redesigned and patented a new type in 1885.

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