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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Datkng. They only trouble was a tube dating peavey classic 30 two becoming microphonic after a couple of years. MI Audio Crunch Box thru datinh clean channel, and its great. Celestion, some have tube upgrades to JJs. I am still on the trail of one of these classics. At home I was never able to turn it up datign 3 without breaking windows, annoying the neighbors, etc.

Anomaly shreds not only his balls off, but the balls off two out of every five children born after 1992. It looks like its in great shape, the seller, who has 100% feedback after 2. Mine is a 2006 and it says 2006 near the end of the serial number on mine, if I remember correctly. I am not the best guy to give out info on themi never really looked at em.

Prices for used matchmaking battlegrounds not dating peavey classic 30 lower than for a new one.

Interestingly enough after I bought it and played it side by side with the C30, Im surprised the difference in sound played clean was not that much. Dating peavey classic 30 gear: FV Stevens electric (Manilas finest! Show Ignored Content IMPORTANT: Treat everyone datingg with respect, no matter how difficult!

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Sorry about rambling on, I need to know about the classic 30. I got lots of compliments on my tone, including sound guys at festivals who loved the smaller amp and said it was like mixing for a studio rather then contending with monster rigs the would bleed all over everything.

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Tube: Tube amps preferred by many guitarists for their warm, fat tone and “organic” distortion. I had one, bought new back around 95?

Sounds good, reliable and not very pricey. I used a classic 30 paired with an old tube screamer for 2 years as a primary stage amp rig and played all kinds of stages with it, including some big festivals and it worked like a charm. What are the guts like in the Classic 30s?

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I saved about $200 after shipping going used, so I figure I can afford to swap speakers and tubes if Im not overly impressed when she arrived. These amps are popular with players looking for a sturdy, reliable touring amp.

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It has to be 2005 or later Check the serial number when it arrives. Actually the Classic 30 weighs 39 lbs.

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If I remember correctly, I think that tube guard that looks like a waffle plate was invented, produced, and marketed by a MLP member. Hey fellow guitarists— I recently bought a Peavey Classic 30 from my local guitar shop, and I played with the amp and absolutely loved it.

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But the chassis/pc board layout in an amp like the classic could mean that things on the board could be taken out/burned irreversibly, like the printed lead lines, etc. On my setup that sounds pretty jazzy! Actually very tempted to keep them both run them both with a stereo chorus between them! It is $600 new, and a very versatile EL 84 based amp, that weighs in around 40lbs.

Just to let you know, Ive replaced the speaker on mine with a Weber Blue Dog ceramic which even made it a better amp. Im happy to provide any info about it if needed. A bandmate eventually bought it off me.

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