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Dating someone an hour and a half away

I acknowledge that it limits me. About half of my dating someone an hour and a half away in the last two years were with people who lived at least an hour away. Then they complain dating chica cant find any good men. Disappointing as hell too, he keeps throwing the invitations at me and I keep dodging them.

Lets say that on a saturday you need to pick her up for lunch. Just figure out a time hoyr place and make radio carbon dating device work.

The first relationship ended over an impasse, only for him to come back months later and agree to slmeone in my home. Sure driving for work is one thing, xway driving 2 hours one way out to the boonies for a man is another. You cant schedule around it as easy as you think you can.

If I aday there were no prospects locally, I guess Id have to consider it. Oath stellt außerdem personalisierte Anzeigen für Partnerprodukte bereit.

We also have a chat, just for us.

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My view us why start something if you know it has no possibility. Ill try the casual friends thing and see how it goes. Even with NPR it gets fucking old, and it limits how often you can actually see each other. Driving in it can be a nightmare, sometimes with zero visibility and sometimes just downright dangerous.

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It would be a VERY difficult drive especially in winter because of the secondary highways it takes to get there (and back). And do you consider that long distance? Im just curious, I see you are a horse woman and I know what kind of life accompanies that, so what do you think sowrite? I havent brought it up since we havent met yet either.

But it depends on circumstances I guess of what youre used to. Yeah thats my concern, I do like to get together at least a couple times during the week.

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Why do woman think an hour away is too far for a relationship? I am busy during the week and pretty independent.

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She contacted me first through a dating site. Yeah, if everything else is good, the distance thing can be dealt with. If youre answer is no to both then Im not sure how it can work. If things go well I will drive up a few more times then maybe start alternating who drives.

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I had people messaging me up to 90 minutes away. Its certainly possible she just wants to be friends and this is an excuse. Not my gas budget nor my wear & tear on the van budget. Only a certain kind of woman would want to live a life like that, dont you think?

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Im not into dating for the sake of dating. Either way, try to meet somewhere in a middle, its a good idea.

What are the odds that the most perfect person for them on the planet lives near daying Please read these rules for posting critiques before posting your own! Sure driving for work is one thing, but driving 2 hours one way out to the boonies for a man is another.

Then I can see how they really roll.

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