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Dating someone with a criminal record reddit

In any case I believe in second chances, and if it all checks out and feels right, go with it. I said I dont want to date former convicts because they come with an extreme and especially limiting set of issues. Im me, always have been, and Im cool with who I am.

If they did some petty crimes and rsddit dating someone with a criminal record reddit time and now they are out and a productive member rddit society? I honestly dont know if I could date someone with a DUI - it might throw up some really heavy red flags. Id be pretty wary of dating someone with a violent criminal record.

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Many assume that felons have assault charges or theft or hard drug etc, and even if I did, I hate that Im seen differently for crikinal. Says the types of people he associated with are too much dating someone with a criminal record reddit and trouble and not worth the risk. He hasnt said anything about $ besides talking about his job and wouldnt even best dating app in iphone me buy him a coffee so I dont think thats going to be a problem but dating invitation Im street smart enough to know as soon as someone starts bringing up money youre seeing true motivation, friends dont ask friends for money.

Recogd you for the advice, it will be encouraging to see him functioning successfully on his own, if I start hearing sob stories about how his boss fired him or his sponsor family threw him out then Ill know what way its going to go and cut ties. You can post your own profile, but you cannot post anyone elses without moderators dating someone with a criminal record reddit.

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With empty promises from him saying It will get better, a job will come soon. He grew up without parents in a rough neighborhood, dropped out of school at 14 and hung out with all the wrong people, got in a fight and lost, pulled a knife on the guy the next time he ran into him. I think that just shows you are a kind person.

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Your implication here seems to be that we should ignore and dismiss any knowledge of animals injuring humans when allowed to interact. Naw youre not an idiot for wanting him to be a better person. She met her court-appointed lawyer five minutes before the hearing. You can post your own profile, but you cannot post anyone elses without moderators permission.

If the person had past charges such as marijuana possession, theft under $5000, and other minor charges, then I think that would fine. Do not mention upvotes or downvotes. I did date a guy who was not only a sex offender, but BOLD FACED LIED about it to me, so yeah, thats a deal breaker.

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All the great things he does for you and how he makes you happy? If you get so much attention by just breathing, then you must be one of these people who likes to fix others.

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Obviously he is aware that hes never going to work with the general public again but hes interested in auto stuff so he could potentially find a decent job if he kept it together. And again Ohh you would be a wonderful nurse or activity supervisor. Im pretty open about my criminal record and past institutionalization.

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No violent crimes, unless it was a matter of self-defense (the poor are disproportionally punished for bein part of fights, even if they did not start them. It would be one thing if he were upfront and honest about this with you, but hes lying. We will always have separate transportation until I say otherwise.

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Im crazy but Im not that crazy. What is his perspective, not excuse but perspective on his past behavior? If its something I dont consider a moral issue, than yes, I would happily be with the person. You first have to register here, then click on this link and join #okchat.

Yarmouth dating hate being the devils advocate, but why not give it, say, 6 more months of dating casually and see how he progresses, both in life and in your relationship? Ill keep my fingers crossed that dating someone with a criminal record reddit proves to be a good guy who made a bad decision in his past rather than someone whos just bad news.

I do not believe in sixth chances or thirty-sixth chances, that is the time for a fucking gun, and one aimed well and fired repeatedly.

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