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Dating someone with bipolar disorder reddit

Im assuming dating someone with bipolar disorder reddit havent experienced it and thus cant wjth, but its much harder to be constantly torn apart by someone you love wanting to hurt themselves and not being able bi;olar leave them out of fear what they might do than short girl dating really tall guy physical pain.

He was verbally abusive and extremely manipulative. Going through this ‘undiagnosed’ period together – I was drained. No linking to specific threads in other forums. And that is not a selfish request from you. Avoided her one weekend and didnt want to talk for a inpex hookup. He needs to be willing to work at this too. Im wondering why he would propose to me if he never loved me.

The human brain is deeply programmed to think, that everything happens xomeone a reason.

She went to visit her other sister in Dallas, at which point she refused to return home. There have been some trying times, but they are currently properly dating someone with bipolar disorder reddit and seeing a therapist regularly. We are here to encourage positivity in our relationships. Please refrain from being inflammatory or negative toward others. If you are the person dating a person with bipolar disorder, this might be for you.

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Finally, when in a particularly bad depressive state, she pushed me away completely and I havent spoken to her since. Bipolar - A safe haven for bipolar related issues. I realize this was probably a little too longly written out, but Im just edumucating you :). If you come to this page and find that your SO has posted in regards to your relationship, please know that they are doing so to find help among a community.

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Im going to guess you either have issues with reading comprehension, or are mentally ill and feel a way about what I said. He understands that I dont means to be unstable and that Im trying the best I can so he supports me in my efforts. It can be pointed out when one of these things is not healthy or potentially causing an issue (based on research and facts, not individual opinion), but it must be done in a constructive manner.

Took medication for about 3 months, then claims she was misdiagnosed and doesnt have it. It sounds like what you have is the right frame of mind. In order for any of these coping mechanisms to work, we have to believe in them and want them to work.

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However, please try to use it to relieve anger and come to a better place in order to resolve issues with your SO. What you learn is that the mood swings are not day to day.

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Probably not, unless it was very well controlled. Reassure them you will always be there for them. So happy we broke up when we did because the relationship reached a point where he put his hands on me. In no way is it ever okay to defame those with bipolar disorder simply because of this fact.

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I got hung up on and dumped just like that . If you can help me with this I would appreciate it.

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A good SO will be understanding a supportive. I have asked why he hates therapy, and it seems to stem from the idea that they just take money to tell.

Biplar I feel so amazing reading this. I would really appreciate your advice on dating someone with bipolar if you have any insight– my personal story below. Weve been together over nine years. But I dont have any anger problems, and Ive seen plenty of people with anger dating someone with bipolar disorder reddit with the capacity for violence who dating in aspen colorado otherwise classified as mentally healthy.

It makes every one of us look bad.

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