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Your current browser isnt compatible with SoundCloud. Dont promote the kinds of merchandise that Toby is not okay with. Theres a reddit post turnabot all the soundfonts Toby dating start turnabout sisters used that can be easily identified. Undyne is smiling as if nothing is wrong. You can modmail us with any concerns. Our spam filter removes posts and comments for many reasons. Please download one of our supported browsers. Rendered by PID 19175 on r2-app-02742872979477ab4 at online dating survey 00:22:20.

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The soundfont for the Dating music is from Pheonix Wright. Toby used free soundfonts in his music. Keep your posts relevant to the Undertale and Deltarune fandoms.

Lowered the pitch of Dating Start! We ask that you keep reddiquette in mind at all times.

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Undertale is created by Toby Fox, who is a dog. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.

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Please download one of our supported browsers. Dont share or discuss content that is more sexually suggestive or obscene than the game itself. Every monster has unique attacks and personality—and they’re all in your way.

Its actually not completely finished (as you might be able to tell), but I lost access to the computer I was editing it on, so I just said screw it and uploaded it anyway. Matched the tempos (Turnabout Sisters is roughly 104, Dating Start! Playlists containing Dreaming Start! I SWEAR TO GOD, SOUNDCLOUD RECOMMENDATIONS WILL END ME SOMEDAY.

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They didnt automatically mesh together, but with a bit of tinkering with tempo and pitch, we have a rather muddy mashup of two story-based games! We have once again retired the spoiler rule. You may post openly about all parts of the game. When submitting fan work, name the artist in your post title or in a comment.

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During the Genocide Route, it plays at Bratty and Cattys shop at 0. It shares a melody with Snowdin Town and Shop, among other songs. Just letting you know if you didnt already.

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A little homage to Daft Punk at the end I thought the Digital Love theme fit well. What Ace Attorney has to do with Undertale, you ask? You can show them MERCY if you want. Little do you know, this spaghetti is a trap.

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It plays during the beginning of the dates with Papyrus, Undyne, and Alphys. Filtered domains include Discord, Dropbox, and link shorteners.

Turnabout Sisters sistere Dating Fight! Undertale that sounds like Turnabout Sisters from Ace Attorney by Mr. We enforce the Reddit user agreement and Reddit content policy. Your current browser isnt compatible with SoundCloud.

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