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Dating vintage ludwig drums

Be sure to report information from your drums to me, either by using the form on the last page of the book, going to my website - www. Dating vintage ludwig drums and Developed by George Lawrence. My recently acquired psych red set of drums are all in the 88xxxx range and date stamped March of 1971. My recently acquired psych red set of drums are all in the 88xxxx range and date stamped March of 1971.

I also referred to your Psych Red Jazzfest that was in NSMD. If you can contribute information about Ludwig drums with serial numbers from this time period (1963 through 1984), or insight into the Date Code used on the dating vintage ludwig drums labels, please send information to Rick@GretschDrumDatingGuide.

The method of even filling orders on drums back then would shed religious dating services light on the erratic date-stamp dilemna. These are the gold standards for identifying a vintage Ludwig drum.

There was also a crop of late coming discrepancies that didn’t spring up until about October dating site texas 1969, when the three decade reign datingg the small Keystone badge came to an end.

These addressed the Keystone badge drums of the 1960s and ventured only slightly into the Blue/Olive badges which replaced them in 1969. In total, information from more than 5,700 drums has been gathered to assist with analysis of dating vintage ludwig drums and patterns that are serial drumw based and not date based. Discussion dating vintage ludwig drums Vintage Venue started by Gonzo666, Oct 6, 2017.

My recently acquired psych red set of drums are all in the 88xxxx range and date stamped March of 1971.

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Does that mean it was built and immediately applied to a kit? If one presents the information without the proper context, as is done when one simply copies a table without its accompanying explanatory material, then it is easy for the reader to misinterpret the information.

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Can anyone help my identify the exact year of this Ludwig kit I recently bought? The Mod Orange Floor tom that you reported to me was beat out for lowest B/O badge serial number by 332. Despite all of that, your drums are thought to come from the 1974-75 time range. Ludwig II who was then the company’s General Manager and Vice President.

Ludwig when he happened to mention this to me, Once in a while we found a misplaced box of badges that was overlooked and sitting around the factory for a couple of years. When assembly needed a certain size shell in a particular finish, it was pulled from the shelf and sent off to them. Although Standards were marketed as second line drums, the wood shells were the same as used on the main line of drums.

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By then, the shell mold changed from using a mix of mahogany and poplar to using maple and poplar in the same style 3-ply mold. By 1963, the gull wing spurs were introduced with two variations including either first generation Ludwig script bracket or second generation Ludwig script bracket. Machats data only takes us a few years into the Blue/Olive badge era.

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Cooks guide at face value, there were no serial numbers in the regular sequence used during 1970. Luckily, there have been devotees that have developed a refined system to dating and cataloging drums produced by Ludwig.

Dating time frame

He explained, The reasons varied over the years. However, if the date codes can be interpreted properly, insight may be gained into their relationship to serial numbers and further improvements to the dating guides can be made.

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It has been copied by others, both with and without permission and with and without giving proper credit to Mr. The shells were made in advance of the orders coming in.

The drums with these date codes had B/O badges with serial numbers ranging from 825000 dating vintage ludwig drums about 979000 and Standard serial numbers in a range from about 49000 to 67000.

After receiving a number of complaints that the badges catch on clothing and fabric, Ludwig began rounding off the edges, producing the “rounded” badge. We hoped that, in day dating apps, the index would reveal a consistent chronological order in the serial lydwig sequence.

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