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Opop sad dip dating kpop not many people know about D. The infidelity and assault caused a rift between the members, and the group subsequently disbanded. I hope this was done with their permission. They do have alot of livestreams which makes them even more cute like at the bottom of this post youll see one.

Only openly gay couple in Kpop, Seungho and Yubon from d. P has some openly gay/bi members? When Korean fans discovered the reason K’Pop disbanded, no one could believe it. So tldr dip dating kpop people being excited someone is daating is dubious(/really uncomfortable), but there are legitimate reasons to discuss gay artists homosexuality. Nish is tall and can be pretty datijg sometimes, haha.

It is completely false, a groundless rumor. Somehow, this meant that the two were also entangled in rumors about being homosexual.

Another interesting thing actually, the leader Hyeongseong isnt straight. Sumin is so damn hilarious, Hyeong Seong is like a big teddy bear, U Hyeong is the old looking baby and Taehas Nails are always on fleek, haha. Their debut song “Shadow”, from their self-titled album, was a hit and they gained “flower boy” status, releasing dating evenings more albums to relative success before disbanding in 2004.

We had Hansol say he was Asexual (that was quite controversial, not going far into that) But if you notice more and more korean stars are dip dating kpop out, it makes me dip dating kpop how theyll all be in just 2-5 years!

Personally I loved their most resent Likely Night the most but FIZZ was also such a bop.

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According to interactions found on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, members Seungho and Yubon appear to possibly be in a relationship, and leader Hyeongseongs Facebook profile states that hes interested in both men and women. Today Ill be discussing a group named D. One entertainment rep stated, Although A is handsome and female celebrities for sure make eyes at him, he has never had any scandal with women after his debut for several years.

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They dont say this as a joke or something? So if you dont know, Seungho and B. The rep enforced this belief by saying that A would often have strange atmospheres with other men even at official meetups. Even though Holland is said to be The first openly gay Kpop idol , Seungho and B.

Ive heard of this rumor and thought they had disbanded because the relationship ended(? Hes the type to have surprisingly frequent and strange rumors about him with other men. Earlier this year, the group returned for a guest appearance on Sugarman 2 with Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol (also called Two Yoo Project), which brings back artists whose songs were once hits on major music charts.

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He stated he has interest in both men and women. After watching all kinds of idol group implosions over the years, I dont even care if an intergroup relationship is a recipe for disaster. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

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In spring and summer of 2015, he went to Southeast Asia concentrically for overseas filming, and whenever he did, I am aware that he had relations with local women every night. Nish is the more clingy one, but Seungho shows affection to B.

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Edited to add that two people dating in the same group is a recipe for disaster, so if its true I dont even know if I want to touch it, as cute as it may be. If they are not one of those rare pairs who last until the world comes to an end then dating inside your own group sounds potentially disastrous. Yet unluckily there is talk of him getting infected with AIDS.

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They thought it meant friendship, not romantically. Allegedly, talk of his getting infected with AIDS last year surfaced, possibly stemming from statements like, Because hes gay, he probably got infected with AIDS. Bs agency rep told Newsen, The rumor of his getting AIDS makes no sense.

Get to know the first kpop group with two openly gay members. Definitely recommend checking these guys out! They dip dating kpop seriously relationship goals, Seungho is small and puppy like while B.

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