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Elena: Well maybe thats the problem. Damon: The original Salvatore brothers. Damon then reveals that he loves her, but that its selfish of him to say it as he doesnt deserve her. Elena briefs Damon on the situation and forbids him from killing Tyler. Later when they came back, Elena went upstairs in Jeremys room and she realized that Jeremy was dead. You have to tell me how you got out of here, Damon.

To which Elena replies You, my King. She remembers it was the first time elena and damon hook up noticed how sexy dating jax teller was. In The Five, Elena and Damon tag along with Bonnie on a college road trip. And dance is a motif in their relationship, starting with the Miss Mystic Falls dance, and they elena and damon hook up in the Salvatore living room in front of the derrick jaxn dating before they got together, so this was the perfect way to end their story for now.

Throughout the day, Damon and Elena have intense conversations, even though she elena and damon hook up having rampant dreams about Stefan. She says she knows she loved him and forgave him for all the awful stuff but remembers nothing. Damon and Elenas reunion kiss won the Best actual kiss in E-Onlines TV Scoop Awards 2017. Was that the sire bonds work, or her being so happy with Damon that shes forgetting about Stefan?

In Zap2its Crushworthy Polls, Elena and Damon has won Most Crushworthy Overall and Most Devastating Breakup.

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The intense relationship between Tara – forced to become a vampire after crazy-pants werewolf Debbie Pelt shot her in the head – and Fangtasia proprietress Pam was a fan favorite this year. Maybe we should keep making mistakes, Damon replies. She says confidently I think youre going to be the one who saves him from himself.

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Elena feels guilty for compelling her brother and Damon calms her down saying that she just saved his life and Jeremy is lucky to have her. Cheating is erasing all of our epic memories. Elena: Why are you acting like this? At the end of the next episode, A View to a Kill, Damon was reunited with Elena now that hes no longer compelled to kill Jeremy, and Stefan arrived home with Silas headstone.

When Stefan noticed that Damon was missing, he went to save him from the fire with Elena following behind. I would give anything for you to remember, but Im not gonna risk your life. When she looks up, it turns out that Damon was the one who pushed her into the water. Im doing this for Bonnie, Elena, not for you.

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The tender moment where the crime-solving duo held hands as the screen faded to black, closing out the Season-Four finale. Damon and Elena drink her blood and then Liv pours the Bennett blood on the ascendant and recites the spell. Id rather die right now than spend a handful of years with you, only to lose you when Im too old and sick and miserable and youre still you.

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A mock fight ensued that ended with Elena straddling Damon on the bed. Elena agrees but when Damon makes a suggestion for watching a French flick to throw popcorn at hipsters, Elena realizes that they have already been there.

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But Stefan stops him and tells him about her compulsion to forget her love for Damon. Damon: I didnt say you were supposed to be okay with it, I just said Im not sorry. In Shes Come Undone, Damon was inside Elenas head, making her think she was walking on school grounds talking to Caroline, whod just been named valedictorian.

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Elena: Im not so sure your mom would feel the same way. As Damon starts to hang up, Elena tells him that she realized something about them today. In Im Thinking Of You All The While, Damon and Elena share a final and beautiful dance when Damon enters Elenas mind while shes in magically induced coma. The writers agreed and the rain kiss happened in Season Six episode, Do You Remember the First Time?

She says how selfless he was and in that moment she loved him. He has felt elena and damon hook up ever since, which is why he thought that this was wnd personal hell.

Damon and I ap dating the entire summer looking for Stefan. They start kissing but are interrupted by Elenas phone. He talks to them harshly and tells Elena to feed or die.

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