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He confesses that they finally managed to become friends. In Christmas Through Your Eyes, Elena and Damon are still elena gilbert dating history for a way to bring back Bonnie. As Elena was placed in a sleep by Kai Parker, she would have remained that way eleha Bonnie died. It is implied that she may elena gilbert dating history some romantic feelings toward him other than Matt elena gilbert dating history as she kissed him back.

Elena runs away and is able to fend him off until Stefan and Damon arrive. Elena returns with Rebekah, who tells her Klaus killed her mother, not Mikael. They find themselves back in the ihstory in real world. Elena learns about how serious it was when Tyler said that he would rip his heart out if Klaus demanded that. After she disposed of Stefan once she got interested in Damon, she turned these jealous tendencies toward the elder Salvatore sibling.

By the end of best dating app to find cougars season, Elena is finally force to confront her feelings and needs to make a choice of who she wants to be with. She got a new haircut which Damon thought was hot.

Damon tells her that game they played was a subtle hint about the cure and admitted it scared the hell out of him because it wouldve possibly have came true. It was the ghost of Bonnie elena gilbert dating history was with her elfna the others but no one to notice. But Im telling you, its the most real thing that I have ever felt in my entire life.

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But the vampire diaries dating stefan https://internshipsanywhere. She disagrees and Damon promises her that they will come back for them. Stefan had his fair share of followers and these girls weren’t happy he was tossed aside by Elena like he was an afterthought.

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Damon continues to remain worried, wondering if their strong love will have any effect in breaking the compulsion and restoring their relationship. Elena and Damon begin to bond and Elena tells Stefan that she has faith in him, letting him out and giving him his ring.

There are files on Brian Walters, Bill, and Alaric. Elenas first victim was a guy who roofied a girls drink, and Damon was behind her to remind her not to kill him.

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To Alaric) : Well, thats easy. Damon steps in as Elenas escort and they dance together.

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Minutes after she arrives at Rebekahs bastion of under-aged drinking, Elena again gets the rage and obsesses over Klaus’ sister. But I am not sorry that Im in love with you. He thinks that I have some unresolved feelings for Damon. Jeremy attempts to kiss Bonnie, but she says that she cant and that shes sorry.

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She comforts Damon after hes forced to kill Rose, aware that he cared for her. Kai agrees on the condition that he will merge with Jo tonight. He hands Elena the White Oak Stake and tells her to kill Caroline or else he will and ensure Caroline a painful death.

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Scared that Liz will see her buzzed, Elena declines the call. Elena wore a special necklace containing the herb vervain in it as a human, which is really Esthers talisman, which cannot be destroyed it was given to Elena by Stefan to protect her from compulsion. In-universe, Jeremy had a similar epiphany and left Mystic Falls to craft his own legacy. Elena discovers her kidnappers are two old vampires called Rose and Trevor.

Since then, Elena and Jeremy both fell into a deep depression and sorrow since the death of their parents. During interviews, he gave vague answers to questions about joining the cast elena gilbert dating history the movie. Rebekah wants to work together with Elena. When Jeremys mark is complete, it will have the map that contains the spell to dig up Silas.

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