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Exo kai dating scandal

BREAKING] EXOs Kai and Black Pinks Jennie reportedly spotted on. BLACKPINK Play How Well Do Exo kai dating scandal Know Your Bandmates? Exo kai dating scandal are some obsessed people out there lol. They should be more wise about this. I hope Im wrong hots matchmaking rules this assumption and rather, SM only confirmed it because they have faith in EXOs popularity.

Im actually scared and optimistic on daating theyre going scandwl handle this. If you never experienced it, I cant listen to you sing about it. It is very difficult to be discrete. I was and still am in full support of Edawn and Hyunas relationship. How can you sing love songs if you dont? They would actually gain from this as YGs profit starts to drop.

Its funny what constitutes whistleblowing in this instance. And yeah that’s what I was thinking! Personally, I would have waited or maybe have shown a bit more interaction before confirming as people probably would have been less shocked and more supporting. Im surprised exo kai dating scandal how well this was hidden though, makes you wonder about the other members as great dating ideas. I believe Kai was active since 2010 or 2011 so that sounds about right?

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SM always fast confirm if therere dating rumor, kai doesnt need jennie at all. Yeah they need to lie and say they broke up in a few weeks. Kai is not some random nugu idol to be taken lightly. They can also abandon the idol label and all is fine.

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I wonder whats in store for BP in 2019. I guess both companies are okay with losing some fans if they can make headlines.

BLACKPINK (stylized as BLΛƆKPIИK) is a four member girl group from YG Entertainment that debuted on August 8th, 2016. I understand that they have feelings but Im also touched that they broke up for fans, their job and fellow members. They all have the same right to date or get married.

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SM was quick to confirm the dating issue because they already said that Kai would relase his 1st solo song/album this year. Of course SM would be the first to confirm this as they really have nothing to lose. Taemin spot, is so you can dump her after its been exposed.

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They even got notes of encouragement from them. Shes young and at the peak of her career. Damn, the only thing Im worried about is that either EXO might be disbanding or Kai will be leaving due to SMs statement so quickly.

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I’m a Jennie fanboy since I started being a Blink but IDEC who she dates, as long as she’s happy. The kind of fans that fuel the Kpop money machine are the militant, insane ones.

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Dahyun as a thirdwheel to be safe from camera then lol, but we been knew, Twice is free to date now. They are matured now and can do and think of things on their own so I wish Kai and Jennie a happy journey. YG has handled every scandal of theirs pretty well for the most part. Jennie gets her way in so many situations Becs yg is her sugar daddy.

I dont know what you expect them to do to avoid this stuff when theyre major celebrities. She has a dog named Kai thats 8 yrs old. I don’t support this couple at all.

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