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Yikes if you don’t realize that’s a crappy thing for a friend to do. Dating the ex of a friend is almost certain to put you into situations where you dating slow progress to choose between your friend and your significant other. But there’s not always someone for everyone, and insinuating that ‘he’s out there! It also makes me wonder if he had a thing for my friend all along.

You must personally hold the view and demonstrate that you are open to it changing. Reddit dating friends ex think that the underlaying reason for this is reddit dating friends ex tought that reddit dating friends ex somebody somehow gives you special privileges. With a different ex, a friend rudely informed reddit dating friends ex hed be dating her and Id have to be okay with her being around. You might get some interesting answers if you asked your friends what they would think about all of this.

What if they dislike me for what I vote? Because if you realize that you dont have anything you say in the matter, you dont have the right to be upset with anyone either. They might be of the opinion that you have no right to disagree because they’re their own people. If hes worried about me smashing someone hes not dating, hes minding too much of my business and not enough of his own.

So then you think if A and B dating trust broken up this situation would be the same? Im reddit dating friends ex sure exactly how much time that is, but I would think 2 or 3 months? The chance of that relationship lasting more than 6 months is slim to none.

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And people will relate to each sides, you obviously with C and others clearly with A. She went on several dates with him before she even considered talking to me about him. Its his life, but I probably wouldnt be able to be friends with him if he did that. Nothing is less attractive than a person who is actively seeking someone to ‘complete’ them it’s like a repelling agent that wreaks of despair.

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One day she invited me to a party without him because he didn’t like the guy who was throwing the party. A different set of friends I have are in a different situation altogether.

And the person getting with your ex is guilty of nothing what so ever. Then again, Im stubborn as hell and if I dont want to do something theres almost nothing that can convince me to do it. Take a step back and look at the whole thing as subjectively as possible--and if you cant do that, then get an uninvolved friend (or family member, or male role model) that you can trust to help you make a decision.

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They do this because they value your well being and they value your friendship. It was better than I could have ever imagined. You can break off a friendship for whatever reason, that is your right, you dont even need to defend the decision.

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Seems unlikely from the responses. Its easier when youre ok with the break, yeah.

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If the couple was married for ten years and got a divorce then this is in a whole other ballpark, as opposed to if this was a three month long summer fling (Im not saying people cant fall in love in three months, but there is a big difference between ten years of love and three months. Being a best friend does not come with a contract to tell you everything. If the relationship brought any sort of goodness to OP’s life, then looking at the person as someone with their own hangups and desires makes it easier to take the view of “I hope they find happiness”, even through what she might see as a betrayal of trust. What a relationship starts, unless exceptional conditions, there must have been some sexual or romantic tension before that, and this happened while the previous relationship was ongoing.

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We have compiled lots of useful information such as full explanations of our rules, CMV etiquette, archives, research papers on CMV, and some more general information about the subreddit in our wiki. Not only because its my ex but because she hid the relationship from me for a month or so. At least with your first sentence.

If only to show you what doesnt work for you in a partner. People are reddit dating friends ex private property, and having dated somebody doesnt give you the right to restrict who can they date. Especially if you say she has a selfish personality. It forces the ex into OPs life reddit dating friends ex best friend remains with him. I also, because this dating finance guys friend has had a past of being completely selfish, dont want to hear her constantly talk about him and how he spoils her and stuff like that.

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