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But technically it was fairly recently as the 700 P was after the 700PS and or remington rifle dating. JR Draeger - did you see the above blog - read the tagged dating site download ? Many local Boy Scouts learned on this gun. Since the model 572 was designed in 1954 we can rule out 1941 as year of manufacture.

Also, a TargetMaster Model 510 (. If not what makes you believe it is a model 700P? K Alcorn - with no serial number being on it the rifle would have to have been made prior to 1968. Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. I am not aware of any public databases that break down any of these internally used codes. The partial stamps are remington rifle dating common as they were done by hand.

I know this was an economy gun but you can’t find a better gun for teaching remington rifle dating. Why not contact Remington Customer Service direct if all you need is DOM based on SN. Yes Rob62 you are absolutely right.

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You did see the blog at the top of the page with all the information on how to read the date codes, didn’t you ? That is by either contacting the good folks at Remington’s Customer Service section (link at bottom) with the serial number. There will be a combination of two or three letters representing the month and year of manufacture.

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I only paid $50 for it and it shoots well. Thanks for providing the date code information.

It very well could be a 700PS or 700PSS and mislabeled by the gun shop. What can you tell me about this gun. Could this be the 47th 552 ever produced?

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You are correct in that it is some type of internal production, assembly, or service code. Very helpful in determining which gun I purchased.

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Congratulations Jason on your like new model 514. Hello William Layton - did you read the blog at the top of this page ?

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I’ll have to look into this further because I purchased it used in around 2007 and it was in mint condition, barrel just broken in, not a scratch on it, so I figured that it was manufactured in the 90’s. I just bought a 760 GameMaster in 300 Savage.

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Contact Remington through their Help Center by e-mail at info@remington. Thanks for sharing this info Rob, hopefully this will help quite a few users trying to date their firearms!

Because there is no reference point (date code). That riflr of GVB is the appropriate place to rfile your concerns. However since we know the model 34 was only manufactured between 1932-1935 we basically know when it was made.

Sometimes you may be asked to solve the CAPTCHA if you are using advanced terms that robots are known to use, or sending requests very quickly. Do 700p’s have any other markings remington rifle dating them to denote that they are remington rifle dating 700 Police models?

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