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An Instant Experience is a free iranian dating site that opens after someone interacts with your ad on a mobile device. Parent node that encapsulates fields to be compared (current time range Vs comparison time range),min_node:Parent node that encapsulates fields the min value is being retrieved from.

The estimated average cost of each unique speed dating penang to cart. It may include a series of interactive or multimedia components, including video, images, product catalogs and speed dating penang. Name:G Play Mini,platform:1,isPublic:true,deviceType:1,updateTime:1472510021,parents:[Android_Smartphone,huawei],description:Huawei G Play Mini},galaxy j5 (2016):{brand:1,marketingName:Galaxy J5 (2016),platform:1,isPublic:true,deviceType:1,updateTime:1472510021,parents:[Android_Smartphone,samsung],description:Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)},one touch pop 3 (5):{brand:10,marketingName:One Touch Pop 3 (5),platform:1,isPublic:true,deviceType:1,updateTime:1472566346,parents:[Android_Smartphone,alcatel],description:Alcatel One Touch Pop 3 (5)},fire:{brand:21,marketingName:Fire,platform:1,isPublic:true,deviceType:2,updateTime:1472566346,parents:[Android_Tablet,amazon],description:Amazon Fire},g5:{brand:3,marketingName:G5,platform:1,isPublic:true,deviceType:1,updateTime:1472566346,parents:[Android_Smartphone,lg],description:Lg G5},galaxy on5:{brand:1,marketingName:Galaxy On5,platform:1,isPublic:true,deviceType:1,updateTime:1472566346,parents:[Android_Smartphone,samsung],description:Samsung Galaxy On5},zenfone max:{brand:11,marketingName:ZenFone Max,platform:1,isPublic:true,deviceType:1,updateTime:1473170617,parents:[Android_Smartphone,asus],description:Asus ZenFone Max},galaxy note 7:{brand:1,marketingName:Galaxy Note 7,platform:1,isPublic:true,deviceType:1,updateTime:1473170617,parents:[Android_Smartphone,samsung],description:Samsung Galaxy Note 7},iphone 7:{brand:2,marketingName:iPhone 7,platform:2,isPublic:true,deviceType:1,updateTime:1473352847,parents:[iPhone,apple],description:Apple iPhone 7},iphone 7 plus:{brand:2,marketingName:iPhone 7 Cheltenham dating sites iPhone 7 Plus},mediapad t1 7.

Name:Galaxy Tab A,platform:1,isPublic:true,deviceType:2,updateTime:1458839497,parents:[Android_Tablet,samsung],description:Samsung Galaxy Tab A},galaxy tab s 10. Invalid ZIP Code},COMMERCE__UNKNOWN_ADDRESS:{code:1818014,description:Please make sure your address is correct. Public:true,deviceType:2,updateTime:1458839497,parents:[Android_Tablet,samsung],description:Samsung Galaxy Speed dating penang 4 7.

The total value of key web page views (conversion tracking pixel) conversions. OBJECT_CACHE_RESET,PowerEditor. The average cost for each other website conversion (conversion tracking pixel). The total number of times your ad has been saved.

Speed dating penang number of other types of events tracked by the conversion tracking pixel on your website and attributed to your ads. The average speed dating penang of each unique mobile app rating. The average cost per 1,000 3-Second Dwells. The estimated average cost of each unique search. For each impression of a video, well count video views separately and exclude any time spent replaying the video.

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Plus,v3:Vivo V3,v5s:Vivo V5s,y15:Vivo Y15,y66:Vivo Y66,vodafone:Vodafone Devices,smart kicka:Vodafone Smart Kicka,wiko:Wiko Devices,jerry:Wiko Jerry,lenny 2:Wiko Lenny 2,lenny 3:Wiko Lenny 3,mi 4i:Xiaomi Mi 4i,mi max:Xiaomi Mi Max,redmi 1s:Xiaomi Redmi 1S,redmi 4x:Xiaomi Redmi 4X,redmi note:Xiaomi Redmi Note,redmi note 2:Xiaomi Redmi Note 2,itel:Itel Devices,it1508:Itel it1508,galaxy j3 prime:Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime,blade l5:Zte Blade L5,andromax es:Smartfren Andromax Es,p10:Huawei P10,k6 note:Lenovo K6 Note,k20 plus:Lg K20 Plus,galaxy j7 (2017):Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017),zenfone go tv:Asus ZenFone Go TV,honor 5c:Huawei Honor 5C,honor 6x:Huawei Honor 6X,mi 5:Xiaomi Mi 5,r9s:Oppo R9s,galaxy on7 (2017):Samsung Galaxy On7 (2017),galaxy j7 pro:Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro,moto e (4th gen) plus:Motorola Moto E (4th gen) Plus,x230:Lg X230,galaxy j3 pro:Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro,galaxy tab s2 8. Lead,plural:Leads},offsite_conversion. The percentage of your total ad set budget that has been spent.

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The total value of customize product conversions. The number of times your video was played at 95% of its length, including plays that skipped to this point. This is based on the value that you assigned when you set up the app event. The number of people who performed mobile app Day 2 retention.

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The average cost for each event response. The total value of donate conversions that occurred offline. The average cost for each question follow as a result of your ad. The number of people who caused a landing page view.

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Initiate Checkout,plural:Initiates Checkout},offsite_conversion. Public:true,deviceType:2,updateTime:1499349774,parents:[Android_Tablet,samsung],description:Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9. Per Commerce Product View,receive_offer:Per Offer Save,credit_spent:Per Credit Spend,dwell:Per Page Dwell,follow:Per Question Follow,full_view:Per Page Full View,games.

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Most 2-second continuous video views will have at least 50% of the video pixels in view. This is the type of split test youre running. The date your ad set is scheduled to stop.

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The average cost of each schedule. The total number of ads in which a creative is being used within the time range provided. The number of people who performed mobile app adds to wishlist.

The number of seped in your mobile app that were speed dating penang as app events outlander dating rumors attributed to your ads. The number of subscribe events that occurred offline and are attributed to your ads, based on information received from your offline event set.

Per Mobile App Achievement,app_custom_event.

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