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Teacher dating student after graduation

Even after she graduates, there is some stigma to dating a former student. Both are highly respected in their field. My bachelor advisor was in a similar situation. He shouldnt be disrespecting your parents or making you uncomfortable if you dont want him to. I am a teacher and personally I would find it odd to date a former student mostly because they are so immature. Legion, when he was my teacher when i was i told him how i felt but our relationship teacher dating student after graduation started after he left the school (to teach at another school) when i was 17 and then agter started kissing.

When it gets weird is when the student is in high school when they meet the teacher, its a stronger power imbalance in high school than it is when training under someone. A teacher could very well use his/her influence over a student and coerce them into things, treat them differently in class or even blackmail them. It may only be teacher dating student after graduation for you to ask him light-heartedly how his/her co-workers were as persons rather than as teachers – and your partner may even indulge you with an amusing anecdote dtaing two about the goings on dating lines meaning the staffroom.

And its coming out grxduation a place of desperation again, hes just happy free online dating sites cyprus a pretty female is infatuated with anorexia dating, and youve been burned teacher dating student after graduation so youre looking for someone not like other guys and he happens to fit the bill.

Right out of hs yes, Im judging and it is wrong.

The Escapist : Forums : Off-topic Discussion : why do people say dating your teacher is teacher dating student after graduation You dont have permission to view this page. I cant imagine this going well at all. Would you like to answer one rating these unanswered questions instead? And even if they did my termination over that would be illegal.

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If the person in question was your teacher when you were in school yourself, he/she must have by then already passed high school and teaching school with perhaps a few years of experience too. For example, a similar method could prove that it is ethical for a professor to date students currently enrolled in their class or to retaliate against students for rejecting their advances or to sexually assault students, etc. You said that you graduated with 1,000 classmates, barely knew your teachers, and if one of your teachers dated a student it wouldnt have been a big deal. Meeting the parents after having them as a student and looking the father/mother in the eye would be difficult even after ten years.

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So many people concentrating on teachers dating students immediately after graduation. The goal of r/Teachers is to provide a supportive community for teachers and to inform and engage in discourse with educational stakeholders about the teaching profession. A) The student is an adult, and initiates the relationship with the teacher.

See what others are saying and/or join the conversation in the Table Talk forum. But in spite of my unwarranted attacks on your vehement character, the countless downvotes and rebuttal from others in this thread are an indicator that you are out of touch with the dominant teaching culture.

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Its better to question early and get a definitive answer now than to find out you werent right for each other once its too late. There was a former high school student of mine that went to university, got a degree in education and came back to our county to teach.

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In contrast, the teacher-student relationship began when one person was underage. Morally speaking, I dont think theres anything wrong with waiting until she isnt in your class any longer, but you really take a risk, I think.

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Not really an issue these days since most manage to get into their 70s anyway. I do have a friend who dated someone who was a student at the rival school of where he student taught, after they had both finished.

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As someone who has done it, it wasnt really weird for me, I dont know about ethical. If you really, REALLY believe in your heart of hearts this can work, then have a serious heart-to-heart sitdown with him and just go over what the two of you want out of this relationship and your gameplan on how to make it work. There is also the matter of bias in grading a students performance. You being his wife gives him no right to humiliate you, and if he says otherwise hes full of shit.

Personally, I dont care about age gaps. DS when i was studenh i dating files it was ok to hug my teacher but he told me its wrong so i knew then no to to be his gf. So its important not to put yourself at risk professionally.

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