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After Jenner caught some heat for booing Thompson’s team, her sister took to Twitter to defend her behavior. Uri,vertical:vertical,pageType:pageType,author:author}})}function initGtm(t){var e=! PreprocessedComponent({key:local_storage,value:1}),e},indexedDbKey:function(e){return! Obviously youre dating this guy, right?

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X-Request-URL)var o=responsein h? PasswordReset=triggerPasswordReset,module. These two young lovers aren’t rushing to put a label on their dating thing, mostly because of their busy schedules and the fact that every NBA player that’s darkened Kris Jenner’s door has caused extreme turmoil and distress to the family. Though Jenner and A$AP Rocky were romantically linked for over a year, the two stars were never quite official.

The couple’s relationship was trouble-free until February 2017 when Griffin was sued by his former girlfriend Brynn Cameron, whom he shares two young children with, for palimony. Ben Simmons fell pray to Kendall Jenner when she posted an extremely seductive video on her Instagram.

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Content-Type,application/json)for(var n=Object. At the end of November, around the time Jenner ended things with Rocky, she and Griffin made their relationship more serious. Unlike her sisters, who have been in longterm relationships for most of their lives, the 23-year-old model has never confirmed any of her boyfriends, which makes fans wonder even more about who she’s dating. July 4, 2018: Looks like Kendall and Ben were getting extra cozy on the Fourth of July!

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