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If Lee had known there would’ve been disciplinary action for Jen. I only saw unprofessional christian bikers dating site, whining, and Kate being her usual bitchy self.

Yet it seemed that despite who is bri from below deck dating happened with Brianna, Nico and Melissa got back and remained together. I always like to capture these moments! I see it more as a little boat fling. Nico regrets that he was caught acting like a self-absorbed, immature, jerk on camera, which he claims was a datinb to his grief. Briana admitted to Kate on bflow podcast that she sees what she and Nico had as nothing more than “a little boat fling” that she did to pass the time.

Lee does not agree with this assessment, but Kate does. I feel like a snake shedding a part of myself, said the yachtie. Bruno is still unsure of his own identity, but that’s Ok – labels are restrictive!

Hair color: @brightonsalons… instagram.

But then later Lee says he’d include Nico in his Fantasy Below Deck All Star A$$holes Draft picks. ChefMattBurns1 @Kate_Chastain @JenHowell_13 @NicoScholly93 pic. Nico stopped by The Daily Dish HQ prior to this seasons Below Deck reunion and revealed where things stand between him and Melissa today.

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Which let’s be honest was like the theme of this season. I’d like to know who’s accountable for the metallic skunk stripes she had drawn around her inner-eyes, cause that was Bratz Doll territory. DO YOU BELIEVE KATE & JEN ARE “GOOD FRIENDS”? Bruno Duarte couldn’t be there in person because of “Visa issues” – whatever that means – but he joins from Skype where he now looks as buff as an MMA Fighter and is engaged to a man.

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Bri celebrated the lunar phenomenon as any free spirit should: she took off every stitch of clothing and lounged sultrily on a boat deck, basking in the astrological energy that surrounded her. OK, seriously, what show was this bonding and hilarious Jen/Kate banter happening on, cause I must’ve missed it?

It seems as though Jamie has been dropping hints about a Below Deck- Below Deck Med relationship since October, including posting one tweet in which shes seen holding hands with a mystery man. I feel like a snake shedding a part of myself and making room for something fresh, something new!

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Hope everyone is exploring, wherever you are in life! Exhausted for no reason, excited for many, and the need to do some deep self exploring! Kate and this banter she’s suddenly developed with everyone!

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If you have to spend so long on a boat for a period of time, you need something. It turns out, that despite the ENTIRE SEASON FOCUSING ON THIS, nobody really hates Jen Howell (except Kyle Dixon, but that just seemed silly). In another, she joked about having a crush on Below Decks new bosun.

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Apparently, hopping from yacht to yacht keeps a girl looking fit! No surprise Lee backs Kate all the way to end of the earth.

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Baker is still chill, and Bri still thinks she is. I feel less bad for Brianna Adekeye, who knew Nico had a dockside lady, even if she claimed to have no idea how serious it was when she started playing her ukulele in Nico’s erogenous zones. The newly-crowned bosun started off this season in a committed relationship with his girlfriend Melissa. The Below Deck Med yachtie teased a jaw-dropping new relationship when The Daily Dish caught up with her at the taping of the Season 3 reunion in September.

Karma though, because Nico basically admitted that he used Bri for “support” during his difficult time. Lee rationalizes that he was hard on Matt because he knew all that videos about online dating genius was in there, locked away and trapped, like Matt dek Foodie Autism, but Bruno was smothering it. While were used to seeing Brianna with sweeping, curly locks, this photo showed off a layered cut that ends just above the shoulders, and has expertly placed blonde highlights throughout.

Brianna noted in her caption that shes doing some deep self exploring at the moment. Kate is well, Kate, Bitch Helow of the High Seas (we love it – never change).

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