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World of tanks forum matchmaking

The results are simply astounding. No registered users viewing this page. I know that when I get through unlocking the tanks I will be playing the best ones over and over again, and my stats world of tanks forum matchmaking improve. SBMM has not been used for Random Battles in the entire 8+ years history of WoT.

At the same time veteran players have only each other to play against, and low tiers are as hard as tier 10. This time, I am dating european guys the bottom, random battle, Mines.

True sealclubbers are now protected and can now concentrate solely in beating noobs. The selection of the battle tier you fight in depends on the amount of players available for each battle world of tanks forum matchmaking and is otherwise random. I was posting about one of the arguments posted on previous threads, why skilled based MM, even if it dating filters be accomplished, would be bad.

All the other things they have proposed (ie tank/tier mix) will not work to advance the cause of fairness in matches. Aces are now reserved only for rerolling sealclubbers.

This option completely removes the post from the topic. The fact is your last 1252 battles your avg. Thats basically it, its world of tanks forum matchmaking to stat shame. But, players who play for free are incentivized to play if they have fun playing (game experience).

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Maybe demanding too much from WG is the problem is the first place? Do you not think that your system would take away the incentive for players to open their wallets?

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I have only played one tank out of all the tanks I have played and owned for more than 478 battles-my Skorpion G with about 2000+ battles. I was not directly commenting on his video.

This last streak since the last decent size update has me down to about a 30% win rate over several days now. Tier 3, 4, 5 is simply amazing with tons of DW2, KV1 and other OP tanks. I was posting about one of the arguments posted on previous threads, why skilled based MM, even if it can be accomplished, would be bad.

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Funny enough one thing that could be done that would get rid of at least a portion of seal clubbers would be to make low tiers stat free. It may be meaningless to you but to many people winning is the reward. This is just pure short-term greed and only makes them appear desperate and stupid.

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So you thought it was best to use this thread to reply to an argument made on another thread. I played the same tanks over and over again my stats would be better of that I am sure. AFK players are frustrating, but how should WG know who will be AFK or not? Look how people liked the mad games.

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My algorithm creates a matchmaker based on a scoring system of the technical specifications of each tank, and I think is the most fair matchmaking system as compared to the current tier based system. This then begins the snowball effect that exists in WoT because it isnt a FPS, hence, no respawns.

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On this page we always use Arabic numerals (7) when discussing battle tiers and Roman numerals (VII) when discussing tank tiers). I would like WOT to just TEST it, I am sure all it will take is a few lines of code, to see how SBMM in random battles works. Why fair matchmaker would be bad for WG business?

NEED to at least TRY a SBMM world of tanks forum matchmaking before doing anything else. I can tell you this game used to be dating site with best reviews ridiculously toxic, every game people where wishing cancer and various forms of death on each other, threatening to rape vorum members and loads of other stuff.

Still, it may be for other reasons, i. When players gets angry and frustrated they start shouting in gamechat and behaves bad, even players from top-clans. I have 16 tanks that I world of tanks forum matchmaking trying to level up ie make elite and unlock the next tank on the tech tree.

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